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Short Sale Questions?

Almost everyone has short sale questions! The reason for this is that every transaction is different and even seasoned verterans have not done enough volume to see the limitless mix-ups of challenging servicers, investors, and borrower circumstances. Every transaction varies due to servicer, investor, and creditor guidelines along with borrower financial circumstances and bank valuations. No two transactions are exactly the same and some are much more challenging than others depending on the exact scenario and match up of varying factors such as, lien holder positions, number of lien holders, lien holder valuation,  title issues, borrower financials, and many other factors.

When you couple this with technical questions of credit impact, potential tax liabilities, deficiency judgment or settlement, there is often a cloud of unknown. In this business you can only see so  much of the forest before the trees which is why many suffer from analysis paralysis. At times you need to walk into the water and starting swimming before additional information comes to light.

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