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America’s Servicing Company Short Sale

America’s Servicing Company Short Sale transactions are common because America’s Servicing Company (ASC) is a division of Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is a massive servicer and one of the more common ones we find ourselves working with. Short sales are speculative transactions and delays or hurdles, can pop up around many corners. From too high of values returning from the BPO or appraisal, a myraid of generic short sale denial reasons, or a utter and complete runaround from the assigned representatives, challenges are seemingly always arising. One of the main challenges is that most parties to a short sale transaction do not have adequate expectations of the short sale process or the appropriate experience in handling these sensitive transactions properly. Even if one does have some experience, every transaction is different on many levels.

The good news is that America’s Servicing Company Short Sale’s have a strong system and escalation contacts and consistent processes. Their system is more predictable so once you go through it a few times you can find out most answers in a reasonable time frame. Knowing the system, guidelines, and all aspects of a transaction is half the battle and the other part is putting in the necessary work and attention.

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