Cash For Keys Short Sale Help

Many people ask for more information on Cash For Keys through a short sale: Cash For Keys is not something given through a short sale review, but something that may be given through a deed-in-lieu or offered from an owner to a party to avoid an unlawful detainer being filed. Cash For Keys in a literal sense is not the same as a Relocation Incentive; A Relocation Incentive is what is reviewed to be given to a owner or tenant through a short sale for moving assistance. Cash For Keys or Relocation Incentive is not guaranteed to be granted.

Depending on the mortgage servicer and investor there are different guidelines for monies being allotted to parties; FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Private Investors may all vary in what they may or may not approve. Many times relocation incentive through a short sale may exceed if approved the amount given from a cash for keys offer post foreclosure.

Cash For Keys may be offered from the bank or a 3rd party who purchased a home through foreclosure auction to the occupant of the property to avoid having to file a costly and timely eviction.

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