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New Chase Investor Short Sale Guideline

As of July 2019 we were advised by the servicer of a new Chase Investor Short Sale Guideline. This new Chase Investor Short Sale Guideline resulted in us having to close our multiple files for homeowners and agents. This Chase Investor guideline states that each borrower is only allowed one short sale review per delinquency. We are sure many agents and homeowners are already up in arms about this guideline as it seems unfair and an unwise financial move on Chase’s part on many levels,  unless if they want to foreclose on more homes. 

One of the short sales was approved and  the buyer walked. A new buyer came in at the same terms and they said no more reviews. Another transaction had a buyer who was countered and the investor denied the response for being too low. They denied the file and said no more chances to raise the offer. Guidelines such as this make it so most transactions will fail. Buyers are known to walk and issues always arise, but no the borrowers will be held accountable for the choices of others.

Hopefully Chase allows exceptions to this guideline if criteria is met but as of now it appears there are no exceptions being made.

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