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Distressed Homeowner Assistance

Distressed homeowner assistance comes in a variety of ways depending on the homeowners goals. The following are the most traditional options on when a homeowner and borrower wants to retain ownership of there home.

Forbearance Plan ( A catch up plan prior to foreclosure beginning. )

Loan Modification ( When a borrower is behind or needs to modify the terms of their current loan )

Private Money ( Typically only an option if the home is an investment porperty and if the home has equity. This will increase a borrowers payment so this is only a temporarily band aid or not an option for most distressed homeowners. )

Bankruptcy ch 13 ( catch up plan through the trustee and courts if borrower can afford it. )

Settlement ( If a home is upside down but borrower has cash to offer a lump sum settlement. Is only an option sometimes depending on many factors. )


If a home is upside down and if a borrower cannot keep then the route is a short sale or deed in lieu if eligible.


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