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Franchise Tax Board Lien Short Sale

The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is a California state governmental agency that is responsible for collecting individual income taxes for California residents. Many distressed homeowners who aren’t paying their mortgage may also have challenges with the IRS or the FTB. When it comes to working out settlements or partial lien releases, the state is often more difficult than the IRS.

The FTB when doing a short sale will want to see the approval letter and other documetnation pertaining to the transaction. If there are liens in subordinate posistions to them they will want equal or more money. If they are in last posistion they may be willing to release the lien for $0 if there is no equity, but be prepapred to allocate some funds to them. If they are in an equitable posistion for their lien they will want to recoup adquate funds that their posistion dictates.

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