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How To Short Sale A Home

Completing a short sale on a home is not always an easy task as not all transactions are completed equal. You will need to get the short sale approved with all mortgage holders and also settle any additional liens that may be on title. This will give you a brief overview of the short sale process with the mortgage servicer.

  • Submitting Borrower Short Sale Documents and Real Estate Paperwork To Servicer
  • Listing The Home
  • Finding A Buyer
  • Initial Short Sale Package Review For Completion
  • Servicing Company Completes a  Valuation
  • Offer Review In Compassion To Valuation Results / Counter Stage
  • Complete File Review For Completion
  • Management or Investor Decision
  • Approval Letter Generation
  • Closing Period

There may be many document requests or hurdles that can pop up in between these steps but this will give you a better understanding of the short sale process.

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