Ocwen Bankruptcy Short Sale Department

When there is an active Bankruptcy on file a homeowner will be protected from foreclosure as long as the automatic stay has not been lifted. An automatic stay will be lifted if a Bankruptcy is dismissed, discharged, or if the mortgage servicer files for a motion to sell. For a short sale many mortgage servicers will not issue an approval letter or move forward with a short sale review if there is an active Bankruptcy showing on the file. Many times a homeowner must have the bankruptcy is dismissed, discharged, or to have an attorney to file for a motion to sell in order for the short sale review to move forward. Ocwen’s Bankruptcy Short Sale Department is a mortgage servicer who will place the short sale on hold from being reviewed as long as there is an active bankruptcy.

If you need any assistance or want answers on what it will take to have a short sale move forward that is in an active bankruptcy review, please fill out the form below.

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