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Ocwen Short Sale Help

You will find a lot of negative press about Ocwen online; Overall though, working short sales with them can be smooth if you know how to navigate their system properly. Depending on what state you are in, Ocwen or the investor may force the file onto the online auction platform Hubzu to market the home for the highest offer. The challenge with this is that the highest offer is not always the best offer and this process may cause delays or unforeseen hurdles in a transaction.

Calling the normal channels proves frustrating to many people in dealing with Ocwen as they are not the decision makers. Ocwen short sale help can be found by speaking to short sale managers, the ombudsman office, or escalation contacts at Ocwen. Remember, knowing the guidelines of the investor, servicer, and how to navigate the banks system to get to the right places is half the battle in getting these transactions completed in a smoother fashion.

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