Ocwen Short Sale

Getting an Ocwen short sale moving forward is the easy part, but working with them is were the process gets more difficult. Ocwen will accept emails which increases your chances that your documents are received the first time compared to fax were many times things tend to get lost. To start a Ocwen short sale email the short sale package to the one of the following email addresses ss@ocwen.com or hafa@ocwen.com depending on if the borrowers are applying for the HAFA program. Once they receive the package they should begin opening up a short sale review on the account

When you contact Ocwen you will notice that they many of their representatives are located in India. This is one of the more stressful factors in working with Ocwen as the communication is not always there. This is why we typically only reach out to escalation representatives in the United States as they tend to have more pull in moving transactions forward. The communication and knowledge of these representatives far exceed the typical low level representatives which assist in a smoother transaction and less miscommunication.  These representatives in the states who are typially escalation contacts are able to request that foreclosure sale dates be postponed. You’ll notice that the lower level representatives tend to state that Ocwen has a no foreclosure postponement policy.


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