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A short saleĀ  is necessary when the lien holders are receiving any money less than a full payoff. A short sale is a process to be approved to settle a mortgage debt for less than full due to a property not having any equity. This consists of the borrower(s) on the loan providing a short sale financial paperwork to the mortgage servicing company, a servicer evaluation of the home, and management or investor approval. A short sale package consists of real estate paperwork, title work, and the borrower financial paperwork.

A mortgage servicer will follow the investors guidelines per their protocol to facilitate the short sale review. Different investors may have different rules for who and what may be approved. One of the most important factors is what they feel the home is worth which is determined by a BPO or an appraisal. The value is reviewed with the offer on the home alongside the borrower financials. All of this information is used to determine if the short sale will be approved.

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