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What is the Short Sale 4506-T IRS Form, Request For Transcript Of Tax Return?

The IRS form 4506-T is used to request past tax returns, W-2’s and 1099 transcripts that are on file with the IRS. This document also may designate a third party to receive the information too.

What is a 4506T-EZ, Short Form Request for Individual Tax Return Transcript?

An individuals may file this form to:

  • One may request a tax return transcript for either the current and the prior three years that includes the majority of the lines from the original filed tax return.
  • This form may also designate a third party to receive a transcript on your behalf.

You can check the IRS site too for this information and you can get a copy of the IRS 4506-T form here as of 3.1.2017.

The reason why the mortgage servicers request the a Short Sale 4506-T is so they have the option to request a borrowers transcripts which in turn can prevent fraudulent tax returns from being sent to the servicer and reviewed.

Tips To Complete 4506-T

When completing a Short Sale 4506-T form, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

If there is joint filing, ensure the first tax payers name is placed on 1a and the second on 2a. The form must mirror the filed tax returns requested. On section 6, enter the tax form number that is being requested. Section a or C is generally checked off, but you should confirm with your mortgage servicer On section 9, ensure to use the correct date format for requesting transcripts. Generally the servicers for short sale reviews want the last 2 years.

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