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Help me with Ocwen! I need short sale help Ocwen is something we are hearing often from homeowners, borrowers, buyers, and real estate agents across the nation. From BPO or appraisal valuations returning too high, tough investor or servicing guidelines, a myriad of generic short sale denial reasons, poor communication, equator issues, or an intense run around from the assigned representative, challenges continue to pop up for borrowers and agents. At times certain accounts are even flagged to go on Hubzu which is an online auction site, which seems to frustrate agents and homeowners. This primarily upsets agents who are hoping to double end a deal or homeowners who are sensitive to additional paperwork or time elasping. This throws another curve ball on certain transactions that individuals do not see coming.

One of the main challenges is adequate and reasonable expectations. Most parties do not have the experience or the true know how to navigate a sensitive short sale transaction properly. Seeing the forest before the trees is half the battle at times with these type of short sale help scenerios. Minor experience does not cut it as every transaction is different on many levels: investor and servicier guidelines, BPO or appraisal value, market conditions, additional liens on title, and unique borrower circumstances. Almost no two transactions are the same in this realm of real estate.

Some better news is that Ocwen has great escalation contacts who may be able to shed light on complex situations or get you the answers you are looking for. Finding out answers in a reasonable time frame can be expected once you know how to navigate the system.

If you need Short Sale Help Ocwen or have questions, please fill out the form below or call 1-800-692-9960 and a specialist will be in touch with you shortly.

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